Not everything in this life is touchable and visible. There are things that we still do not understand, but we are forced to admit that they exist. We do not know in what form we live inside us, but it is clear, that we are not just a physical being. Something in us lives in its own way, and it’s not easy to put a finger on it.

Everything we experience in life shapes us. Inside and out. Our body and even our way of life are closely related to our thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. We strive hard to do all the work at the level of consciousness – thinking, analyzing, manifesting, etc., but a large part of the programs that lead our lives, run in our subconscious. Every day and every moment. Do we know what these programs are? Mostly not, though sometimes we guess. Can we control and modify these programs with our conscious mind? Not so much, because conscious mind never gets so deep into the subconscious, that it can find the starting point where it all began. Conscious mind likes to deal with the problem, crank it, fight it and block it. Subconscious, on the other hand, takes a shortcut to the beginning of the problem and neutralizes it, giving the situation a whole new meaning and perspective.

Meditative therapy sessions give a word to your subconscious. You will find those places where restrictive thought patterns began yourself. It can be a trivial event from childhood, any negative experience, trauma, or simply acquisition of the beliefs from your loved ones.

I will be your guide on this trip and help you reach important moments safely and in the best possible way. You will take new patterns and your best potential with you, to get on with your life in a better way.

If you’re not sure where to start, just write to me and I’ll come up with the most suitable plan for you. There is no problem you can’t turn to me with– even the most serious topics just need the start.  And still from the beginning.

Meditative therapy session to find contact with your body and learn to relax 1 hour – 50 EUR
Meditative therapy session for healing the body at subconscious level – 2 -2.5 hours – 100 EUR
Meditative therapy session for the release of past events and restrictive memories 2-2.5 hours – 100 EUR
Meditative therapy session for rewriting restrictive thought patterns 3 hours – 120 EUR
Meditative therapy session to change thought patterns that limit material wealth 2×2 hours – 150EUR

Sessions for kids under 12 years – 50 EUR
Sessions for elderly over 65 years – 70 EUR
Recurring sessions -10%

The therapy session process includes a conversation that specifies the situation and goals, after which I instruct you through your subconscious to make the desired changes to your thought patterns, emotional bonds and body. We end the session with a brief summary of what happened.

If you want, I will carry out a session at your home.  See Home visit.
NB! The duration of the session is indicative. Please spare a little more time.

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