Healthier Prettier Livelier

„If you have a courage to do the best you can, the success will come.“
T. Campbell
„You cant change a life scenario. But you can choose another one. „
„You are so brave and quiet. I forget you are suffering... „
E. Hemingway
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Shopping and purchase recommendations

I help you to choose healthier alternatives and encourage to try new things.

Trainings. lectures, seminars

Inspiring lectures for schools, companies or just curious.

Gift card

Show your loved ones that you care.


If pocket money or pension is not enough...

Health topics

What worries you the most at this moment?

Nutrition Counceling

Your journey to the health starts here!

Couple and Family Counceling

is the most effective way to change the eating habits.

Home Visit, Online Counceling

Suitable for couples and family counceling, for elderly, or for home staying mothers.

Menu analysis

Considers your personal goals, needs and preferences.

Therapy Sessions

to remove restrictive thought patterns and emotional obstacles.

About me

The best days for me are the days when I learn something new and can help someone with my knowledge – to “touch” someone. This makes my life meaningful. I feel that the knowlege I have gathered, is not ment just for me, but to share and pass on.

New term „healthy diet“ has appeared aside diets, but the content of which often remains unclear. I have decided to help people to get aquainted with it, and to show, that this is one of the most significant keywords for healing and living healthy life. I consider proactive work with children and young people particulary important, as diseases and obesity are reaching younger and younger people.


Your experience and progress are important to me. I look forward to your feedback!