If you would like to come to counselling with a partner or family, then we have to consider a little longer time.

Couple or family counselling is the most effective way to change the eating habits of people living in one household. Family-supported changes in diet are more likely to remain effective and have a synergistic effect. In counseling, we can discuss your common visions and goals and put together the best plan for your family, taking into account the specifics of each family member.

I am gladly offering to carry out a couple or family counselling at your home (vt. Koduvisiit – link). Connections that arise at home environment help to record the information and are backing your goals.
With your consent, I will review your food supplys and give you recommendations.

Primary counceling for couple or family  (up to 3 people) 2 tundi 90 EUR

Recurring counceling for couple or family (up to 3 people) 2 hours 70 EUR

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