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The best days for me are the days when I learn something new and can help someone with my knowledge – the days then I can “touch” someone. This makes my life meaningful. I feel that the knowlege I have gathered, is not ment just for me, but to share and pass on. Every day I hope to meet people for whom I can be the best companion for a better and healthier life. My loved ones consider me an endlessly motivated person, who will never give up until the solution is found. And I sincerealy believe that there is always a solution.

I come from a family with a medical background and grew up in the middle of syringes and latin diagnoses. Howevwer, I did not become a medic – I have graduated business mamagement and also studied design for my own development. I came to nutrition through a personal tragic experiense about 10 years ago, then my dear father got cancer diagnosis. I dived into books and endless fields of internet for years, hoping to find somethig to cure him with. Unfortunately I was only in the beginning of my journey back then and could not perform a miracle. But  information I found, was so fascinating, that kept me learning and discovering.
I have acquired the profession of nutritioal councelor by now and continue to gather information every day. Nutrition has become an exciting field, that has only recently received wider attention. New term „healthy diet“ has appeared aside diets, but the content of which often remains unclear. I have decided to help people to get aquainted with it, and to show, that this is one of the most significant keywords for healing and living healthy life. I consider proactive work with children and young people particulary important, as diseases and obesity are reaching younger and younger people.

As causes of eating and health disorders are often related to stress or other psychological background, I consider it very important not to only improve eating habits, but also to strenghten mental health. I have completed The Silva Method mindcontrol training courses up to level Ultra and improved myself in many other mind-shaping practices. In my work, I consider it important to approach every person as unique being and to find solutions that have complex effect. By combining different practices with life experience, I find the best solutions according to the nature of the problem. I always look at the big picture and, in cooperation with the client, we create universal action plan just for him. To my mind it is very important to give a person the tools, with which he can support himself every day. Every story is different and every concern needs personalized approach.

I will give my best to „touch“ all of you, who turn to me for help.

                                                                                          Waiting for you…

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