For Elderly

I am often asked if healthier lifestyle is a more expensive lifestyle.
Actually, it’s not. By swapping unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives, the result can be even more favorable. However, a healthy lifestyle is often accompanied by a conscious lifestyle and therefore may be more expensive.
At the same time, it always pays off, because we can save on health costs – and healthy food is your best medicine!
The older generation, however, often has limited possibilities for taking care of their health.. Our grannys only have as much money left for food as they can spare from costs of housing and medicines. However, they too need help and advice making modern food choices.

Dear elderly ladies and gentlemen, I look forward to seeing you with a warm heart and offering you a more affordable price.

Primary counselling for the 65+ years old 1,5 hours 40 EUR
Recurring counselling for the 65+ years old 1 hours 35 EUR

For Young People

At young age, health seems to be made from iron, but unfortunately it doesn’t stay that way. In order to live a healthy and long life, healthy lifestyles need to come from childhood.
I call on all young people to look at better choices in order to make their own decisions and not to carry with them the wrong eating habits of the previous generation. The statistics on diseases and mortality are too frightening for this.
Come and spend an hour with me, and I’ll give you a comprehensive overview based on your options. Among other things, I’ll give you advice how to get rid of acne and snacking, how to plan healthy days, create useful habits, etc.

Primary counseling for young people aged 16-25 1,5  hours 40 EUR
Recurring counseling for young people aged 16-25 1,5  hours 35 EUR


If you have a serious concern and have not received any help from anywhere, and if you are unable to allocate money for counselling, you have the opportunity to receive free counselling.
At the end of each month, I select one person who, in my personal opinion, needs free counselling the most.
Write to me about your concerns, and I’ll let you know if good luck falls on you and you’ll be chosen for free counseling.

Please take advantage of this option if you really do not have the means to get paid assistance, otherwise someone who really cannot afford it, may be deprived of counseling.

Be responsible and don’t take advantage of this offer selfishly.

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