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Nutrition can support the healing of all diseases and even get rid of the disease. I’ll help you find the best menu and guide you on how to heal by changing your diet and lifestyle. If necessary, we include therapy, because the best results are achieved by a complex approach.
Feel free to contact me with any common problems, including:


But healthy people also need guidelines to maintain health and make better choices. At any age and in any situation. Pregnant women, babies, children, young people, transition age and the elderly – you are welcome to check your health behaviors both for prevention and problem solving!


At the primary counceling, I will get aquinted with the reasons for your application and get to know everithing you consider to be important to share with me. I will get to know about your eating and exercise habits and lifestyle. If needed, we get aquinted with keeping the food diary and agree about first steps. We are all different – the action plan will reveal in cooperation during the first meeting.
Feel free to book the counceling for self development, advise or just for info. See Health Topics.
You are welcome to get counceling at any age, because even with only small changes in everyday life it’s possible to create big changes torwards a helthier life with higher quality. 

Primary Counceling 1-1,5 hours 50 EUR


Recurring councelings are natural continuation to primary counceling, where we are making summaries and go on with specific recommendations and action plan.

Recurring Counceling 1 hour 50 EUR


We all need support and shoulder to lean on sometimes – especially then facing serious problems. Its not always that black and white and things don’t work out despite our efforts. Sometimes you just need to seal the promises made to yourself.

If you want longer- term support and cooperation, so that you could approach your goals with firm steps, I reccomend a complex counceling package.
As part of such package, we will meet regulary after certain periods during longer time. I’ll give you new milestones as assignments each time and we will discuss your achievements on an ongoing basis. As needed, we will work in parallel with nutrition, exercise and mental health. With such a system, the pace is a bit lower and the development is smoother but more stable. A complex approach helps to keep your rhythm and not give up halfway. 
We choose the counselling package together after primary counceling.

Counceling package “3” – 120 EUR
The package includes 3 meetings within the agreed period.

Counceling package “5” – 190 EUR
The package includes 5 meetings within the agreed period.

Counceling package “Online 5” 160 EUR
The package includes 5 online meetings within the agreed period.

Counceling package”Inspiration” 210 EUR
This package is suitable for anyone who wants to change their diet and needs support and inspiration from time to time to stay on the right track.
The monthly package includes:
– 2 hourly appointments in 4 weeks,
– 2 hourly online meetings in 4 weeks,
– menu for 7 days, based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Counceling package “All In”– 450 EUR per month
This package is for a perfectionist who does not want to leave anything to chance and wants to put out most of himself immediately. A complex approach gives the best result and helps prevent relapses. This is a situation where you need all the support and a specific approach. 
The monthly package includes:
– 4 hourly of appointments in 4 weeks,
– 4 hourly online meetings in 4 weeks,
– menu for 14 days based on your preferences and lifestyle,
– joint shopping advice with purchase recommendations.

Unused services of the packages will not be financially reimbursed.

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